How do I schedule an appointment?

Where do I park?

What happens at my appointment?

What happens to my records?

When and how do I pay?

Do I need a referral or pre-certification?

Where will my surgery be performed?

What can I do in an emergency situation?



Q: How do I schedule an appointment?

A: Appointments can be scheduled by calling (210) 591-1533. At Terry & Alsheikh Eye Associates, every effort is made to schedule your appointment within a convenient time frame. Routine eye exams can usually be accommodated within two weeks or less. Immediate appointments are available for emergency cases. New patients can request a specific physician or be given the first available appointment on our schedule. We would appreciate 48 hour notice if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment. This will allow us to give that appointment time to another patient.


Q: Where do I park?

A: We have ample FREE patient parking at our San Antonio medical office.


Q: What happens at my appointment?

A: When you arrive at our office for your appointment, you will be asked to sign in, and new patients will need to complete some paperwork. You should bring your current insurance information with you for every office visit. Please notify us at the time of your appointment if there has been any change in your insurance coverage since your last appointment. You should also bring any prescription medications you are currently taking because certain medications can affect diagnostic test results.

You should plan to be in our office for approximately one to two hours for a complete eye exam. Medical eye exams are closer to one hour, whereas surgical evaluations require closer to two hours. We perform comprehensive eye exams, and this time frame allows adequate time for the dilation of your eyes and any diagnostic tests we may need to perform to ensure that you receive high quality eye care. Follow-up appointments should not require as much time.


Q: What happens to my records?

A: We are mandated to keep your original medical records, including diagnostic results, on file at Terry & Alsheikh Eye Associates. These records are confidential and will only be released or copied with your written authorization.


Q: When and how do I pay?

A: As a courtesy, we will file your medical insurance claim for you. You will be expected to pay any deductibles or co-pay amounts at the time of your office visit, as well as the $45 fee for refractions. Insurance companies do not cover the cost of refractions, which are tests used to determine your eye’s refractive error and the corrective lens prescription you require. For more information regarding insurance benefits, please click here.


Q: Do I need a referral or pre-certification?

A: A physician referral is not necessary in order to schedule an appointment at Terry & Alsheikh Eye Associates unless it is required by your insurance or managed care plan. It is the patient’s responsibility to obtain any required referrals from your primary care physician prior to your scheduled appointment time.

It is also the patient’s responsibility to notify us about any pre-certification or referral authorizations required by your insurance plan for surgical procedures.


Q: Where will my surgery be performed?

A: Ocular surgery requires specialized surgical equipment. We perform most if not all surgical procedures at our Medicare certified ambulatory surgical center in San Antonio. The surgical center is attached to our clinic and is a part of our 22,000 square foot facility.


Q: What can I do in an emergency situation?

A: Our physicians are on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergencies. They also provide emergency ophthalmology coverage for all area hospitals. In case of an emergency, call our main office at (210) 222-2154.


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