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Dr. Terry and Dr. Alsheikh want you to know what to expect and how we work to ensure successful outcomes

LASIK and PRK  laser vision correction treatments can provide long-term solutions to your vision problems.  Our experienced LASIK surgeons use advanced excimer laser equipment to ensure successful outcomes.

To help you plan for the best possible outcome, we have put together a guide to help you understand how to prepare before, what to know about the procedure, and how to plan your recovery. If you care about having the best possible outcome, then you should read our guide and know that we will do everything in our power to get you the best possible result. LASIK is an established, FDA-approved procedure and we have performed many thousands of them.

Laser Eye Treatments to Correct Your Vision 

Both LASIK and PRK are forms of laser surgeries used to correct vision. While they may have minor differences, each treatment makes it possible to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Both Drs. Stuart Terry and Oday Alsheikh are  well-respected eye surgeons, known for utilizing the best and latest techniques and technologies for each.

Our Exceptional Safety Margins Make Us Industry Leaders

  • Your eyes are healthy and we want to keep them that way. Dr. Alsheikh and Terry understand that your highest priority is safety. You are fortunate to have many good surgeons in San Antonio and know that you are seeking the best LASIK surgeon with the best value. We commend you on putting your eyes first and safety first.
  • When we built our service we concentrated our efforts on increasing the safety margin of our procedures, minimizing discomfort and providing you with a great comprehensive counseling program.
  • Increasing our safety levels means better screening tools, comprehensive eye exam, more access to your surgeon and a thorough counseling program.  And that is only the beginning.

How Do We Increase Safety in LASIK Surgery

  • Better surgical equipment, lasers equipment and  state of the art laser center.
  • Better screening equipment.
  • Advanced corneal mapping, coupled with good examination and development of a standardized safety criteria.
  • More time, more counseling and improved selection criteria.
  • Commitment to safety margins greater than the national average.
  • We deliver exceptional care in San Antonio by employing more sophisticated tools:
  • Enhanced surgical outcomes tracking methodology.
  • Integrated quality management tools for advanced analysis.
  • Two surgeons with exceptional skills.
  • Comprehensive safety training to all our staff.
  • Quick access to staff and surgeons at all times.

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