Cost of LASIK Surgery

Cost of LASIK Surgery in San Antonio


The Cost of LASIK Surgery in San Antonio is similar to the average cost in the United States.  There are many factors to consider when looking at the price of a procedure and value it delivers.  Generally speaking there is a correlation between higher price and better service and better technology.  Shopping for best value is highly recommended.  Shopping for price only is generally not recommended but there might be exceptions.  Here is why potential LASIK patients should look at value and not price.

Lasik Surgery cost is dependent on many factors.

The Direct Costs of LASIK

  • The Cost of the LASIK procedure.
  • The Cost of the LASIK post operative care.
  • The Cost of any Touch ups in the future.
  • The Length of the touch up guarantee (if any).
  • The Cost of post operative care for LASIK Touch ups.
  • The Type of LASIK being performed (such as traditional blade versus bladeless LASIK).
  • The name of the LASIK surgeon in the community.

The Indirect Costs of LASIK

Also do not forget to factor in indirect costs, which can sometimes be quite significant. These include:

  • Wait time in clinic for follow up care and its effect on your Paid Sick Leave.
  • Time off work after the procedure and its impact on Your Paid Sick Leave.
  • Cost of the medications.
  • Effects of minor and major complications on your Work Schedule and Paid Sick Leave.
  • Comfort Level after the Surgery and its effect on your Productivity at Work.


The Average Cost of LASIK Surgery in United States

Despite the many factors that effect price of LASIK, it is wise to get an average comparison for LASIK surgery. Again do not be influenced by the price alone.  Some centers and surgeons offer more services than others so the shopping on price alone is not recommended.



  Low End Mid-Range High End
Blade LASIK (microkeratome). Conventional LASIK $999 $1250 $1500
Blade LASIK (microkeratome)Custom LASIK $1200 $1450 $1700
Bladeless LASIK(Intralase)Conventional LASIK $1400 $1650 $1900
Bladeless LASIK (intralase) Custom LASIK $1600 $2000 $2500


How We Increase Value In LASIK Surgery

  • Quicker access to surgeons means less time off work
  • Less scheduling hassle.
  • Less time spent worrying about your questions or concerns after the procedure.
  • Less wait time in clinic also reduces your indirect cost such as time off work.
  • Enhanced comfort features means being more productivity at work.
  • More reliable results means doing it correctly the first time.  This is due to our enhanced surgical outcome tracking methods.

Remember our consultation process is very thorough, complete and Free.  We will talk about the costs and what is covered.  We will listen to your needs and ensure that you become an empowered patient.  We want you to shop around.  We are confident we offer the best value in our field.





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