How to Prepare for Your LASIK Procedure

Before your LASIK procedure, there are no limitations to medications, eating, or drinking, so you can carry on as you normally would. Right before the procedure it is important to eat a light meal and do not come with an empty stomach. Wear comfortable clothing, which includes a sweater or a sweatshirt, as it may get cold in the procedure room.

One week prior to your LASIK procedure, all eye makeup should be removed and kept off of the face. No cologne, perfume, hairspray, or other fragrances should be worn the day of the procedure. You may be asked to wash your face with gentle soap before going into the laser room.

If you wear soft contact lenses, they must be kept out of the eye being operated on at least one week prior to the surgery. Gas permeable lenses should be removed three weeks prior to the procedure.

As you cannot drive after the procedure, private transportation should be arranged in advance. If you need assistance with transportation, let Dr. Alsheikh or Dr. Terry know at least 48 hours beforehand.

Preparation Before the Procedure

While getting prepared to have the LASIK procedure, eye drops will be placed in the eye being operated on in intervals of every few minutes. The eye drops are antibiotics (to help prevent infection) and anti-inflammatory (to reduce swelling and discomfort). The drops also help to dilate the eye so the laser can better track it.

Before the procedure starts, you have the option of taking 10mg of valium to help you relax. This is completely your decision whether you would like to take the pill or not.

Prior to entering the laser room, Dr. Alsheikh will look at your eyes in a slit lamp and make sure everything is ready to go.

Inside the Procedure Room

Before entering the room, the laser has already been preprogrammed with your prescription. It will take just a few minutes to properly place you under the laser microscope. In order to stop the eyes from blinking, a lid speculum is used on the eye. Furthermore, the second eye will be completely covered during the procedure.

Once the laser starts working, you will hear a snapping or clicking sound. This gradually gets louder during the procedure and is normal. The amount of time you are actually under the laser is about 30-60 seconds, and the entire procedure takes only a few minutes.

The LASIK procedure is performed with only a few short steps, and Dr. Terry will explain these as they happen. During the procedure, you will be fully informed of how the procedure is going and feel no pain.

After the Procedure

From the laser room you will go straight to the recovery room where you will receive pain medication and wait 20-30 minutes as an observation period. Dr. Alsheikh will provide you with a kit that contains the medication and eye drops to use over the next few days. Follow these instructions exactly as they will help you heal properly. After meeting with the doctor, you will be free to leave with your driver where you can go home and rest with your eyes closed for four hours.

Be sure to make an appointment with Dr. Alsheikh or Dr. Terry for the next morning as a follow up.


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