LASIK Technology

Superior LASIK Technology

Dr. Stuart Terry and Dr. Oday Alsheikh are committed to the highest quality LASIK standards.  Advanced technology in combination with excellent surgeons, thorough and honest LASIK counselors and rigorous quality standards make us industry leaders.  We understand that LASIK Technology alone is not enough to ensure high standards.  However, superior technology is essential for an excellent safety record.  We invest heavily in cutting edge technology.  Very few centers have invested in and have the necessary LASIK devices and  diagnostic equipment under one roof.




Bladeless LASIK Technology

  • Alcon Femtosecond Laser creates a precise flap to about 0.005millimiters. The precision in the creating the flap shape and thickness significantly reduces lasik complications. Laser created flaps are superior in quality and safety records to microkeratome flaps.
  •  There are several companies that produce femtosecond lasers: we use the laser that has the highest safety margin per FDA study results.




Lowest Glare Levels of Any Laser (Custom WAVEFRONT Technology)

  • Alcon 500 EX excimer laser:  The most popular laser in the United States. Enhances your visual outcome by significantly reducing nighttime glare, increasing accuracy of the treatment and offering a custom treatment for you. This technology is also called the “Custom Wavefront Technology.”
  • This laser outperformed its competitor by independent clinical studies when looking at glare.

Pentacam HR (High Resolution) Corneal Scanner

  • LASIK technology has evolved since the 1990s.  Today it is safer than ever.  One reason is the industry learned from past complications.  The most feared complication is Corneal Ectasia or Keratoconus.  This complication can cause permanent corneal irregularity and can be progressive.  The Pentacam HR scanner revolutionized the industry by identifying individuals who might be the best candidates for LASIK.  Multiple studies show that enhanced ability to detect poor candidates.  This increases the safety margin to new levels.
  • The LASIK technology goes beyond the LASIK machine.  Some would argue that the best quality LASIK outcomes come before performing LASIK surgery. During the testing and diagnostic phase. Selecting the best candidate for LASIK significantly increases the safety margins and requires significant investment in LASIK technology.



wavescan 2OPD III and WaveScan Corneal Analyzer (The most precise refraction you can get)

  • Refraction is the prescriptions in your glasses or contacts.  It is a measurement used to program LASIK machine. If your refraction is not accurate you will remain blurry after the procedure.
  • We use two computer assisted analyzers.  This ensures the most accurate prescription possible and significantly increases the quality of our vision.
  • Diagnosing problems with glare and ghosting is significantly enhanced.  It allows your surgeon to understand and see why some patients with 20/20 still complain of low quality vision.  This allows your surgeon to work with you to develop treatment plan. It can also be used to screen poor LASIK candidates.


Advanced Medical Diagnostic Equipment

  • Our Center has a number of advanced equipment to diagnose glaucoma, retinal detachments, corneal and retinal abnormalities.  This enables us to treat all ocular visual emergencies in the same location.

If you are interested in learning more about our LASIK technology please call us at (210)-591-1533.  Ask to speak with our LASIK counselors.


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