Our Commitment

Our commitment to you is unparalleled.  That is why it takes a special group of LASIK surgeons, staff and counselors to get it right for you every time.

We understand you want the best value, highest level of safety, and the best outcomes delivered to you with care and compassion.

Delivering all four aspects requires unique training and management skills. To achieve that, we constantly:

  • Train our staff
  • Monitor our results
  • Listen to your needs
  • Implement new innovative solutions
  • Provide the highest level of quality, the highest level of value delivered to you every time.

By meeting these criteria, we are also able to ensure:

Safety: Safety criteria and record that is better than the national average.
Better Outcomes: Lower touch up rates and more 20/20 results than the national average.
Value: Exceptional quality and results at a reasonable price.
Care and Compassion:  We want you to succeed in your endeavors.  We understand your vision is an important part of your future and are humbled by the trust you bestow.  The most important part of what we do is caring about you.

Get superior eye care at Terry Alsheikh Eye Associates.