Napoleon C. Lovero II, O.D.


    • University of Houston College of Optometry 2009-2013
      Doctor of Optometry
      Graduated with Magna Cum Laude
      University of Houston 2005-2009
      Bachelor of Science in Biology with Chemistry Minor
      Graduated with Cum Laude

    Braverman-Terry-Oei Eye Associates, San Antonio, TX 2015-present

    • Encountering 35-45 patients per day
    • Sub-investigator: prospective, multicenter FDA clinical trial of the VisAbility Implant System for the treatment of presbyopia
    • Medically oriented position that includes performing pre- and post-operative exams on cataract, pterygium, LASIK, PRK, and glaucoma surgery patients
    • Conducting ocular health exams that treat various eye diseases including dry eye, glaucoma, and macular degeneration
    • Fitting medically necessary corneal RGP and scleral contact lenses for patients with irregular corneas, keratoconus, corneal transplant, Intacs, and corneal ectasia patients
    • Continuing education:
      – Presentation on “Management of Ocular surface in Post Penetrating Keratoplasty           Surgery” with focus on scleral contact lens considerations and fitting process

    Jackson and Lujan Eye Care Center, San Antonio, TX 2014-2015

    • Encountering 15-20 patients per day
    • Providing general comprehensive optometric exams
    • Managing patients with ocular surface diseases, dry eyes, uveitis, and cataracts
    • Prescribing multifocal contact lenses and monovision for presbyopia patients
    • Managing glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration patients
    • Pre-and post-operative management of refractive and cataract surgery with ophthalmologists from TLC Laser Eye Center Affiliates and Focal Point Vision
      Texas State Optical, Texas City, TX 2013-2014
    • Encountering 18-25 patients per day
    • Providing general comprehensive optometric exams with emphasis upon contact lenses (soft and RGP), primary eye care, glaucoma, dry eye, age-related macular degeneration, ocular manifestations of vascular diseases (diabetic retinopathy, BRVO, etc.)
    • Co-manage cataract and refractive surgery pre-and post-operative care with ophthalmologists from Eye Center of Texas and Coastal Eye Associates
      Cedar Spring Eye Clinic, Dallas, TX Spring 2013
      Preceptors: Joe DeLoach, O.D. Marcus Gonzales, O.D. Jennifer Deakins, O.D. Zanna Kruoch, O.D., David Dinh, O.D.
    • Extensively trained in proper medical billing and coding
    • Operation and interpretation of data from diagnostic instrumentation such as Cirrus HD-OCT, Specular Microscopy, Fundus Photography, Humphrey Visual Field, Optomap, corneal topographer, B-scan
    • Fitting medically necessary contact lenses for patients with irregular corneas using Comfort Kone and Jupiter Scleral lenses
    • Extensively trained on how to manage posterior segment diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic  retinopathy, macula degeneration, macula hole and detachment, pre and post-cataract care
    • Case reports
      – “Keratoconus”
      – “Neurological abnormalities in progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy”
      Bellaire Family Eye Care, NeuroSensory Center of Bellaire, TX Fall 2012
      Preceptors: Ann Voss, O.D. Marcia Moore, O.D. Ashley Tucker O.D.
    • Detecting underlying vision problems in children having trouble adjusting to school demands in a private practice with focus on developmental optometry
    • Managing patients with amblyopia, strabismus, and reduced visual perceptual skills
    • Fitting all types of soft lenses including Biofinity Multifocal, Air Optix Multifocal, Acuvue Oasys for Presbyopia, and Proclear 1-day Multifocal
    • Fitting Jupiter Scleral and Duette hybrid lenses for patients in need of medically necessary contact lenses
    • Orthokeratology fitting with Paragon CRT lenses for myopia control
    • Case reports
      – “Scleral Lens Fitting in Pellucid Marginal Degeneration”
      – “Managing Ocular Rosacea

    University of Houston College of Optometry Summer 2012

    • Encountered 500+ patients in clinical rotations of primary care and specialty clinic including cornea and contacts lenses, low vision rehabilitation, ocular disease, and pediatrics
    • Multiple Sclerosis Eye Center for Analysis and Research Education, Houston, TX
      – Collaborated with a neuro-ophthalmologist to identify abnormalities in the optic              nerve fibers and detect ocular signs of multiple sclerosis
    • San Jose Eye Clinic, Houston, TX
      – Provided eye examinations for individuals and families with limited access to                    healthcare


    Scleral lens workshop, AOA Optometry’s Meeting, Philadelphia PA Summer 2013

    • Course covering fundamental principles of fitting scleral contact lenses
    • Fitting and assessment of scleral lenses

    The Academy for Eye Care Excellence Program, Fort Worth, TX Fall 2012

    • Contact Lens and Contact Lens Care
    • Dry Eye Management
    • Glaucoma Management
    • Allergy Management
    • Retina and Ocular Nutrition
    • Cataract and Advanced Technology IOL

    Specialty Contact Lens Training Seminar, Jacksonville, FL Spring 2012

    • Technical skills for fitting the astigmatic patient
    • Kids & Contacts
    • Fitting the Presbyopic Patient

    Gold Key International Optometric Honor Society                          2013
    Beta Sigma Kappa International Optometric Honor Society         2011-2013
    GP Lens Institute Clinical Excellence Award                                     2013
    Clinical Letter of Excellence in Contact Lens                                    2011, 2012
    Clinical Letter of Excellence in Family Practice                                2011
    Gold Key International Honor Society                                               2013-Present
    American Optometric Association (AOA)                                          2013-Present
    Texas Optometric Association (TOA)                                                 2009-Present
    Beta Sigma Kappa (BSK)                                                                      2011-2013
    American Optometric Student Association (AOSA)                        2009-2013
    Student Texas Optometric Association (STOA)                               2009-2013
    Optometric Student Association (OSA)                                            2009-2013
    AOA Optometry’s Meeting, Seattle, WA                                            2015
    AOA Optometry’s Meeting, Philadelphia, PA                                   2014
    TOA Annual Convention, Austin, TX                                                  2014
    TOA Annual Convention, Austin, TX                                                  2013
    AOA Optometry’s Meeting, Chicago, IL                                             2012
    TOA Annual Convention, Austin, TX                                                  2012
    AOA Optometry’s Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT                                 2011
    TOA Annual Convention, Austin, TX                                                  2011
    AOA Optometry’s Meeting, Kissimmee, FL                                      2010
    TOA Annual Convention, Austin, TX                                                 2006-2010
    TOA New Grad Task Force                                                                 2015-Present

    • San Antonio Representative

    Optometric Student Association (OSA)

    • OSA President                                                                               2011-2012
    • Delegate for AOSA House of Representatives                        2011-2012
    • OSA President Elect                                                                     2010-2011

    Pre-Optometry Professional Society (POPS)

    • POPS President                                                                            2008-2009
    • POPS Treasurer                                                                            2007-2008
    • POPS Webmaster                                                                        2006-2007

    Continuing Education Fall 2015

    • Topic: “Management of Ocular surface in Post Penetrating Keratoplasty Surgery”                         – Presentation to local optometrists in San Antonio focusing on scleral lens                                  fitting on patients after penetrating keratoplasty surgery Grand Rounds and New                    Developments Spring 2013
    • Topic: “Managing elevated intraocular pressure status post cataract surgery”                                – Presentation to faculty and students at the University of Houston, College of                            Optometry

    Ocular Disease Presentations Spring 2013

    • Topic: “Limbal follicles”
      – Presentation to faculty and students at Cedar Springs Eye Clinic
      Contact Lens Presentations Summer 2012
    • Topic: “Myopic Shift Secondary to Hybrid Lens Wear”
      – Presentation to faculty and students at the University of Houston, College of

    Practice Management Presentations

    • Topic: “Understand your patient… Understand yourself” Spring 2013
      – Presentation to optometrists and staff at the NeuroSensory Center of Bellaire
    • Topic: “Optical Profitability” Summer 2012
      – Presentation to faculty and students at the University of Houston, College of

    Community Health Presentations Spring 2010

    • Topic: “What is Vision? How do we protect it?”                                                                              – Presentation to students at Melba Passmore Elementary

    Neuroanatomy Course Instructor Summer 2010

    • Texas Optometry Career Opportunities Program (TEXOCOP)
      – “Introduction to the Central Nervous System”
      – “Diencephalon: Hypothalamus”
      – “The Visual System”
      – “The Brainstem and Cranial Nerves”
      – “Blood Supply of the Central Nervous System”
      – “Neuro-Ophthalmology”

    Tutoring Fall and Spring 2011

    • University of Houston, College of Optometry
      – Clinic I and II Practicum Tutor

    Dr. Steve Nguyen Campaign for State Representative Summer 2012

    • Block walking
    • Phone banking
      Davila Elementary and Cezar Chavez High School Spring 2011
    • Vision Screening on children grades K-12
      Orientation Committee, University of Houston, College of Optometry Summer 2010
    • Set up and manage online forums for incoming class
    • Organized and coordinated orientation
    • Prevent Blindness Texas 2006-2009                                                                                             – Certified Vision Screener

    Running, cycling, swimming, yoga, training for triathlons
    Two dogs: Milo (Yorkie) and Coco (Maltese)
    Community Volunteer Programs

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