Standard Lens Implant

The standard lens implant has been used in the United States for over 5 decades now, but the technologies and techniques have improved greatly over the years. Lens implants are most frequently used to replace the eye’s natural lens after the lens has become clouded due to cataracts.

Dr. Stuart Terry understands that each of his patients has unique needs, and he always takes the time to carefully decide which type of lens will produce the best results. Premium lens implants are often recommended for those who would like to be able to focus more clearly without the assistance of eyeglasses.

During a standard lens implant, the natural lens is removed. The lens implant is secured into place using the remaining natural membrane. Because our eye surgery center has invested in highly precise and accurate equipment, only a tiny incision is necessary for this procedure, and the eye is able to self heal very quickly. After the surgery, you do not have to worry about cataracts, as they will not form on the artificial lens.

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