IMT for End Stage Macular Degeneration

Now, There is Hope for Individuals Who Have Suffered From Severe Vision Loss Related to Macular Degeneration

Individuals, suffering from severe vision loss from macular degeneration, have been told for many years that no surgeries will improve their eyesight. Now, there is the Implantable Miniature Telescope (IMT). Approved by the FDA for end stage macular degeneration, the implantable device can help individuals achieve more independence. The lens increases the magnification of images entering the eye so that the damaged retina can better distinguish images.

What is the IMT (Implantable Miniature Telescope)?

It is a device implanted in your natural lens. It acts as a telescope inside the eye by magnifying the image entering the eye. This sidesteps the problem of the damaged retina, and allows the eye to better distinguish images.

How is the IMT Surgery Performed?

Cataract surgery is initially performed to remove the natural lens. The lens is surrounding by a thin transparent capsule. The incision is enlarged and the telescope device is placed inside the capsule.

Who is a Candidate for This Surgery?

There are several guidelines that must be met prior to surgery, from the quality of your vision, to the stability of the macular degeneration condition, to the chance of your eye accepting the changes in the quality of vision after the procedure. An occupational therapist and low vision specialist will work with you, and your surgeon, to determine if you are a good candidate. The first step is to contact our office for a medical consultation with our eye surgeon. Ask for an appointment to discuss the IMT for macular degeneration.

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