Istent for Glaucoma

New Options for Glaucoma Patients Currently Using Drops

Glaucoma patients currently using drops might feel relieved to learn of a new procedure that can reduce or eliminate their need for drops. The surgery involves placing a small stent that bypasses the area of restricted drainage. It is the smallest implantable device in the human body. It is only considered for individuals undergoing cataract surgery.

FDA Approved for Mild and Moderate Glaucoma

This surgery has been extensively reviewed by the FDA, and has been found to be safe and effective. The average surgery recipient experiences a good reduction in eye pressure after the procedure. There have been minimal side effects following the surgery.

How is the Procedure Performed?

The surgery is performed during a cataract surgery. It involves the visualization of the drainage system in the eye. The drainage device is correctly placed in the drainage site. Finally, the device is released from the delivery system. The incision is small and self-sealing. This surgery is part of a new trend toward minimally invasive glaucoma surgery.

How Can I Get More Information About the Istent?

You can call us to request more information. When you are ready, you can schedule a medical consultation with our surgeons, who will talk to you about the procedure, and determine if you are a good candidate. Ask for an appointment to discuss the Istent for Glaucoma.

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