Cataract Surgery San Antonio

If you have been diagnosed with cataracts, and suffer from no other health conditions that affect the eyes, you may be an excellent candidate for cataract surgery. Vast improvements have been made in the field of cataract surgery, and now it is a simple outpatient procedure that may significantly improve your quality of life.

Preparation –First, the area around your eyes will be sterilized and prepared for surgery. Eye drops, or a local anesthetic will be applied to numb your eyes. Once the anesthetic has taken affect completely, an eyelid holder will be used to keep you from blinking.

Surgery – During the surgery, a very small incision is made and the surgeon will use phacoemulsification to eliminate the cataract. Phacoemulsification is a process by which the cataract is broken into particles using a probe that emits high-energy sound waves. The particles are then gently suctioned away from your eye. An intraocular lens is then inserted to replace the natural eye lens. The small incision is self-healing.

Cataract surgery is considered a very safe and effective way to address this condition permanently, and serious complications are rare. These procedures generally take our surgeons approximately 15 minutes to complete. Cataract surgery is completed in an outpatient setting, without the need to stay in a hospital overnight. Our facility has a built-in Medicare-approved surgical center that limits cost, increases convenience, and simplifies collaboration between different eye specialists when working on complex eye problems.

Your Experience After Surgery

Comfort – You will need to put drops in your eye for several weeks. Some patients have great vision the day after surgery, while others require about one to two weeks. Your recovery time will depend upon the thickness of your cataract, your age, and your general eye condition. After surgery, your eye might feel a little bit scratchy. Very few patients actually report any pain.

Our Outcomes

Feel Confident – Dr. Alsheikh and Dr. Terry are very experienced surgeons with great safety outcomes and excellent vision results. More than 95% of our patients have reported significant improvement in their vision. Your vision improvement potential depends on the health of your eye and the presence of other eye conditions. Your surgeon with work with you before surgery, and assess your potential vision results.

Specialty Lenses

More Choices – If you have healthy eyes, and want to reduce your need for glasses, we have multiple options for you. The specialty lenses we offer help in different ways. Therefore, it is important for us to spend time learning about your unique visual needs. We help guide you through the multiple options to maximize your independence from spectacles. Our comprehensive counseling program allows us to customize a treatment option for you.

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cataract surgery san antonio
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