Premium Cataract Surgery

If you are considering cataract surgery today, then you probably want to consider different options that can help reduce or eliminate your need for glasses. There has been an explosion of new research, and new intraocular lens implants that have different abilities. The technology is aimed at restoring reading vision to the same level you enjoyed when you were twenty years old. While the technology is very good, there is still room for improvement. Below, you will find a brief summary of the premium lenses offered.

Know what you are up against – Your ability to read deteriorates at the age of 45. This is due to a decrease in the ability to “flex”. Some individuals who are mildly nearsighted can lift their glasses and read, but that is not true “flexing” of the lens. Why is this important? If you have cataract surgery, you lose the ability to flex your lens; the standard lens implants will not give you the ability to see at a distance and close up without glasses.

Lenses That Give You Great Distance and Near Vision:

  • Tecnis Multifocal Lens – This lens has several focus points, allowing you to have good distance and near vision. The technology is very good, but not perfect. It sometimes does not help with intermediate distances well. You may need glasses for the computer in order to see well, and these lenses can have symptoms of a glare.
  • Restor Multifocal Lens – This lens also has several focal points, allowing for good distance, intermediate, and near vision. The ability of giving all three distances comes at a small price: the lens does not give you as crisp of an image as Technis Multifocal lens or the Crystalens.
  • Crystalens – This lens gives you great distance and intermediate vision. The clarity is excellent, with no glare. This lens uses flexing technology to achieve distance and intermediate vision, but it does not provide good reading vision without glasses.

Lenses That Give You Great Distance Vision Without Glasses:

Toric Lens – This lens is for you if you do not mind wearing reading glasses, but want great distance vision. This lens is for individuals with astigmatism, a common condition that can cause blurry vision, and is usually corrected with glasses or contacts. If you have astigmatism and do not want to wear glasses for distance vision, then you should talk to your surgeon about the Toric lens.

Standard Lens – The standard lens can sometimes give you great distance vision without glasses (about 50-60% of the time). You will still need glasses for reading. If you have astigmatism, the standard lens will not give you good distance vision without glasses.

Simplifying the Technology, Customizing Solutions for You

As you can see, technology has come a long way from even ten years ago. While more options are great news, it does generate a lot of questions and requires more time on your end when it comes to understanding the solutions. Sometimes, multiple options generate mild anxiety because the lens implants are permanent and patients are worried about making the wrong choice.

We always encourage patients not to view these as right or wrong choices, but good and excellent choices. To help you determine your needs, we have an extensive counseling program, advanced screening technology, and great empathetic surgeons, who would love to guide you to the best choice for you – notice we did not say the “right” choice for you. We do this with our extensive counseling program, simplified educational material, and patient empowerment.

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