5 Characteristics You Should Look for in an Eye Surgeon

Eye surgeons can improve your vision and eye health in life changing ways, but it is not always easy to find the right surgeon for you. When deciding between practices and doctors in your area, take the following characteristics into consideration.

1. Experience

Experience is one of the most important factors. Do not be afraid to ask your potential surgeon how long they have been in practice, and how many patients they have treated that had your condition. Highly experienced top rated lasik eye surgeons will have seen more patients, and will be better able to diagnose and treat your problem.

2. Specializations

Ask your surgeon about his or her specialties and certifications. Some surgeons will have specialized training when it comes to performing certain procedures or treating specific conditions. If you are interested in LASIK, for example, you may benefit from finding a surgeon that specializes in these surgeries.

3. Positive Reputation

A great way to find a good doctor is to see what past patients have to say, and to learn what the doctor’s reputation is among the medical community. There are many ways today to find patient reviews online. As for the professional reputation, you might consider which medical organizations, such as the American Optometric Association, recommend the surgeon. It is also wise to choose physicians that are active members of these types of organizations, as it shows that the doctor is committed to staying up to date with the latest research.

4. Availability

You will obviously want to find an eye surgeon that will be accessible to you. If you are having trouble scheduling consultations or treatments, this is a poor sign. It is important to ask your potential eye surgeon how you will be able to receive medical attention and guidance if you were to experience complications or side effects after your eye surgery. A reliable surgeon or practice will have reliable procedures in place for emergencies.

5. Hospitality

When contacting or visiting an eye surgeon for the first time, pay attention to the way you are treated. Notice factors such as how long you have to wait to see the doctors, and whether or not the eye surgeon is forthcoming, friendly, and helpful as you ask questions about your treatments. It is important that you find an eye surgeon that is going to make you feel comfortable as you make these crucial medical decisions.