What are the best lens options for cataract surgery?

When it comes to the technology that supports your sensory abilities, the goal of any research and advancement is to offer results that are as close as possible to a natural experience.

In the past, cataract surgery has been very good at restoring aspects of vision for people. However, many patients still rely on glasses for specific activities. This is because the replacement lenses used in standard surgery have the clarity of natural ones but not the responsiveness. To see objects at different distances, a natural lens flexes and changes shape to refocus the vision. Many replacement lenses do not replicate this.

The best lens for cataract surgery – new options 

The eye industry is always evolving and the best lasik surgeon and eye doctors for cataract surgery in San Antonio keep a close watch on developments. This means they can incorporate them into their practice and offer their patients premium lens options. Lens technology now incorporates many types of multifocal lens implants. These offer high levels of vision correction and minimal need for glasses post-surgery.

  • Tecnis Multifocal – These lenses have concentric circles incorporated into their design to provide multiple points of focus. This means that they offer excellent distance vision whilst also restoring near vision.
  • Toric – Blurry vision caused by astigmatism responds well to this kind of lens and offers a great long-distance vision experience.
  • Tecnis Symfony- The multiple points of focus in this lens will give patients a wide range of vision. It allows patients to see near, intermediate, and far away distances, while being less dependent on glasses post-surgery.

Symfony has an extended range of focus – providing excellent near, middle, and far vision, while reducing intermediate blurriness and glare.

Balancing your priorities and making a choice when it comes to your multifocal lenses can seem a little daunting at first. That’s why you need a high level of support so you can choose the option that makes you feel comfortable and certain about going ahead.

Is a multifocal lens implant for you?

At Braverman-Terry Eye Center in San Antonio, you have the chance to work with some of the best eye doctors for cataract surgery. Alongside excellent surgical skills and an outstanding track record, they offer a partnership-type relationship with patients. They trust that you are the best person to make decisions about your eye health when you are given the right support and information.


During your consultation, Dr. Oday Alsheikh will gather information about your eyes, your preferences, and your budget. This allows him to present the options that are suitable for you. Premium lenses will not be the perfect fit for everyone. For example, they are not generally covered by medical insurance. Standard lenses are still very good with glasses support. This remains a great option for many patients. When you work with us, the focus is always on finding the perfect fit for you. We offer a no-pressure, supportive approach throughout every stage of the process; not just the surgery but correct aftercare, which is a very important part of healing.


For in-depth information about all the lens options that are available, visit Braverman-Terry Eye Center in San Antonio to discuss your options with Dr. Oday Alsheikh. Dr. Alsheikh sees patients who travel nationally and internationally to receive the finest eye care. Schedule an appointment by requesting a call back on our website, or give us a call on 210-600-0040